Cultural program

Concerts The concerts are organised together with the AStA of the university. Admission is free for students of the university and ESU participants.

Hinueber Thursday 18.8. 20.00 Concert stage Monforts Quartier

HINUEBER is a punk band from Cologne.
Parts of HINUEBER used to be parts of KOETER, COPILOT, NEIN NEIN NEIN

DJ sets Friday 19.8. 20.00 to 22.00 Concert stage Montforts Quartier

On Friday evening, parallel to the big strategy plenary, Callshop Radio from Düsseldorf invites you to an after-work beer with electronic sounds. We are looking forward to "Innere Tueren" from Leipzig and other DJ sets from the region.


The Tote Crackhuren im Kofferraum Thursday 18.8. 21.00 Concert stage Monforts Quartier

The toten Crackhuren im Kofferraum (abbreviated The T.C.H.I.K. or T.C.I.K.) are a Berlin pop-punk/electroclash band. The band members perform under the fantasy names Netja Triebeltäter, Luise "Lulu" Fuckface, Stehfanje Fuckface, Kristeenager, Doreen K. Bieberface/Doreen No. 19, Tanna Biertier, Lynn Love and Ilay. THE TCHIK float between worlds: Their attitude is punk. Their music is more electroclash. Their lyrics fluctuate between complete nonsense, provocation and social criticism. With a band name like THE TOTEN CRACKHUREN IM KOFFERRAUM, you are probably rarely booked for children's birthday parties or weddings. But the Berliners have probably long since come to terms with that. After all, they have been in the business for over 15 years.

SLIME Thursday 18.8. 22.00 Concert stage Monforts Quartier

If you ask about the most important German punk band, the name Slime comes up next to the Hosen and the Ärzte. But unlike the aforementioned commercially successful groups, Slime retain an underground status from their founding in 1979 until the provisional end of '95.
They are the first true punk band in Germany and combine the Fuck You attitude as well as the distinct individuality of the Sex Pistols with a radical left-wing political attitude. They are regarded as the legitimate successors to the Scherben around Rio Reiser. At the beginning of the eighties, Slime with their left-wing slogans became a symbol of resistance against the police, the state and society. Conservative forces even put Slime on a par with the RAF, and individual songs were censored.

Acht Eimer Hühnerherzen Saturday 20.8. 20.00 Concert Stage Monforts Quartier

Acht Eimer Hühnerherzen (Eight Buckets of Chicken Hearts)
are a semi-acoustic nylon-string trio with three musical styles: powerviolence-folk, cacophony and commitment-anxiety.
They play travelling guitar punk with fuzz and driver for single parents, single parents, allergy sufferers and for the cheerfully depressed.
They come from Kreuzberg near Berlin and Brandenburg.
Apocalypse Vega - vocals, guitar, driver
Herr Bottrop - bass, vocals, fuzz
Bene Diktator - drums, vocals

Zugezogen Maskulin Saturday 20.8. 21.30 Concert Stage Monforts Quartier

Grim104 (real name Moritz Wilken) and Testo (real name Hendrik Bolz) founded the duo on 1 July 2010. Neither rapper is originally from Berlin, which is where the word "Zugezogen" in the name comes from. The two artists got to know each other during an internship at the editorial office of the website Similar to K.I.Z, the duo presents itself as a satire on gangsta rap and macho attitudes by depicting various clichés in an exaggerated and pointed way. Added to this are sarcastic and ironic comments on the zeitgeist.


Michael Krebs: Cabaret, voice, piano: #BeYourSelfie

"We all saw it coming, but nobody did anything!" cry the admonishers. And they are right! What will you answer your children when they ask you later why you weren't there? That the internet was stronger? That the couch was more comfortable? That you would have liked to get involved but didn't know how? Weak, friends, very weak. Disappointed and disgusted, your offspring will turn away from you. But you can still prevent this. Remember: it's your show too!

Thursday 18.8. 20.00 Z34 - Z36


Die Unerhörten (The Unheard) Saturday 20.8. 10.00 Theatre Room Z34-36

"Ever since I can remember I've had a broken heart"
People lie asleep on the floor, their bodies outlined in sidewalk chalk. One man stands up, looks into the audience and says "Ever since I can think, I've had a broken heart." One by one, the other performers stand up and talk about their feelings, about their life on the street.
Based on their own, sometimes very painful experiences, the theatre group "Die Unerhörten" (The Unheard) has developed a scenic-musical collage with the help of improvisations, which essentially revolves around the topic of homelessness. The 16 players show a whole spectrum of ways in which one can become impoverished, end up on the street and in trouble. They have had enough of being invisible and unheard. They want to tell their stories, authentically and close up!

Harald Hahn Thursday 18.8. 16.30 Theatre Room Z34-36

"Monologues with my "antisocial" grandfather"
Just this year the Bundestag decided to recognise so-called "asocials" as victims of the Nazi regime. There are hardly any personal testimonies of them and remembering them can be challenging.
Remembering them can be challenging: remembering the boozing great uncle who sometimes became violent? The homeless grandmother who prostituted herself? Only hesitantly is our society beginning to deal with the uncomfortable victims.
Theatre pedagogue Harald Hahn is now working on the forgotten suffering in a play - on the trail of his own family history: his grandfather was in a concentration camp as an asocial. In the process, Hahn uncovers uncomfortable continuities that have an impact right up to the present: What do guilt, shame and silence do to families over generations? And how do class and origin structure not only memory - but life in contemporary society?

"Glitzer im Kohlestaub" Glitter in Coal Dust - On the Struggle for Climate Justice and Autonomy Friday 19.8. 16.30 Theatre room Z34-36

Book presentation with discussion

Capitalism is essentially based on the exploitation not only of people but also of what we call nature. A new climate justice movement is forming against the destructive effects of this economy and the unfolding climate catastrophe. In this book, its activists take the floor.
Zucker im Tank (Sugar in the Tank) (ZimT) is an autonomous group of activists. Some of them have been involved in the climate justice movement since its early beginnings. Five years ago, they joined forces to support small groups in their actions with workshops and advice. Originally, ZimT focused on the resistance against the coal industry in the Rhineland - now the activists are travelling all over Germany to share knowledge and materials and to be at the start of actions.