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Wednesday, 17.08.2022

19.00 * Kick-off event

Thursday, 18.08.2022

10.00 * Forum Health

14.00 * Forum Capitalism

16.30 * Forum Trade

Friday 19.08.2022

10.00 * Forum Housing

14.00 * Forum Climate

16.30 * Forum Democracy

20.00 * Plenum Strategy

Saturday 20.08.2022

10.00 * Forum Transport

14.00 * Forum War & Peace 1

Sunday 21.08.2022

10.00 * Closing event

European Summer University of Social Movements 2022

August 17 - 21 in Mönchengladbach, Germany

Join in the preparations!


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It’s going to be an exciting summer this year in Moenchengladbach: After the last European Summer University of Social Movements - in Paris (2014) and Toulouse (2017) - we will meet this year in Germany! Hundreds of attendees are expected this August, including activists and friends of Attac and from social movements in Europe and other parts of the world. At the Hochschule Niederrhein we will share experiences and knowledge and discuss explosive and future oriented ideas for a better world! The campus’s modern premises and spacious open-air grounds are the ideal location for our diverse events with participants from all over Europe.

After many months of massive COVID-19 restrictions, the 2022 European Summer University will make lively encounters and embraces possible again! ESU22 will offer participants a forum to understand crises, develop alternatives, develop solidarity and plan demonstrations. We want to gather the diverse and colourful range of social movements on this continent together. We see ESU as a place of discussion and action in the midst of climate destruction and active resistance in the Rhenish lignite mining area. The activists of this movement will be joining us.

► Review of previous European Summer University events

ESU22 will be about the future of Europe, which for us is more than just the EU. We will draw lessons from the deficits that the pandemic has so brutally shown us in many aspects of life. The social and environmental dimensions of this crisis demand our response. And we want to build bridges instead of fortifying borders - migrants are welcome. The vision of another Europe emerges from the critique of the existing one. Environment and climate demand system change. What role does Europe play in the face of global power shifts?

This year’s ESU will be participatory. ESU lives from the diverse, collaborative contributions of the participants! We are looking forward to exciting encounters, space for experiments and actions, and days of intensive learning and exchange at eye level.
The summer university is unthinkable without an exciting cultural program. Together we will also enrich the cultural life of the city with our creative contributions.

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The Summer University also offers ten exciting excursions to interesting destinations in Mönchengladbach, Cologne and Düsseldorf. More information here. Pre-registration is important for our planning, please contact us at