Interested in facing new challenges?

Parlez-vous français ? Do you speak english? Sprechen Sie deutsch?

In order to minimize the language barriers, we want to offer a translation service for as many events as possible. And that’s why we need you! We are looking for volunteer interpreters who will make sure that despite different mother tongues interaction and networking among the participants are possible and that ESU 2022 will be a success.

What exactly is it about?

There will be interpreting in German, English and French. There will be two types of interpreting:

► Simultaneous interpreting in interpreting booths.
► Whispered interpreting.

There are two big lecture halls with interpreting booths. They will be used for the plenary discussions and the opening and closing events. The numerous workshops, however, will take place in smaller rooms where whispered interpreting is required.

What about the finances?

As we aim to keep financially independent, we will cover the costs of ESU2022 through member fees, donations of progressive partner organisations and participation fees. That is why our budget is tight and we cannot offer any remuneration.

However, we are happy to reimburse

►  your expenses for transport, board and lodging.

►  and, of course, you won’t pay any participation fees.

In addition, you will receive a small allowance of 50 EUR per day that you work.

What would be my benefit?

You will be part of one of the biggest gatherings of social movements in 2022.
•    You are meeting new people – among the team of volunteers, but as well among the participants and the partner organisations
•    You can enlarge your competencies and experience as a conference interpreter
•    You will witness interesting debates of up-to-date topics
•    You will benefit from an outstanding cultural programme
•    On demand, we will issue a job reference for your professional contribution
•    …and there is much more

Wow, you have convinced me. I would really like to support you. What do I have to do?

Please write a short e-mail to We will contact you to discuss the details and answer your questions. Thank you for your readyness to help us!