Joint action Saturday 16.00 - 20.00 hrs

Defend the 1.5 degree target: Be the Red Line! - Action in the Rhenish lignite mining area

The energy company RWE and the Rhenish lignite mining area are Europe's biggest climate killers and environmental destroyers. That is why the climate justice movement has been fighting for every metre of forest and every village there for more than a decade, trying to stop the corporation and its excavators. We are part of this movement. That is why the participants of the ESU are forming a red line on site today; a border for dredgers and corporate profits.
Together we will travel by bus to the threatened village of Lützerath at the edge of the gigantic open-cast mine - an impression that will be etched in our minds. There we will get to know the activists and protesting inhabitants, learn about the extent of the destruction and the resistance against it, and show RWE with our Red Line for climate justice: "This far and no further!

To get in the mood for the action at the opencast mine:
Saturday, 20.8. from 2 to 4 p.m.
Building Z, Room Z34 - Z36
With Klaus Staffa, rhythm activist since 1980

Words - Texts - Rhythm Power
We experience the power of rhythm in movement, sound and words. Rhythm pulsates, generates creativity, we let it run, we let it flow, texts become rhythm. We promote a sense of community, intuition, rhythm, power, movement, dance, fun.
During the meeting we will invent text slogans and rhythms for the action on Saturday in the open-cast mine. You don't need to bring anything else except ideas for short texts on the topic of open-cast mining! If you have a drum, that would be nice too, but not necessary!
Rhythmic musical performance to join in:
A short performance by with Klaus Staffa, rhythm songs about environmental protection, peace and human rights. Everyone joins in! Singing, clapping, patting, stamping, dancing, shouting ...