F1.1 Health

Thursday 10.00 - 12.00
Audimax 1


Public health and the pandemics

In this forum Solidarity, Health and the pandemic, we want to discuss the different consequences of the pandemic and of the politics of health made by our governements, the EU and international institutions. Health is not for sale, we want to support commons versus profits of big pharma. Many studies say that pandemic has increased inequalities, on national, european and global level. What alternatives can we propose to face this situation ? What's the place for people in the global south in this struggle? What's the place for healthcare workers in our countries?

In a second part of the discussion we will talk more precisely about struggles in healthcare system in Europe. How do healthcare workers and their unions, networks mobilize? What are their proposals and demands against restructuration and privatisation of hospitals? What struggles and networks are they organising? Is it possible to make the coordination of our struggles in Europe better and on international level?

dummy person imageDagmar Paternoga
dummy person imageSilvia HabekostNursecountry flagGermany
dummy person imageAna VračarPeople Health Movementcountry flagCroatia
Picture Maaza SeyoumMaaza SeyoumAfrican Alliancecountry flagEthiopia