Thursday 16.30 - 18.30
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How trade and investment treaties lock in corporate power and climate breakdown

Six years ago social movements in Europe and the US successfully stopped the TTIP free trade agreement. While this was a major victory for people and planet, the corporate driven trade and investment agenda still goes on and is already embodied in existing treaties.

For more than 30 years the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) an investment protection treaty specifically for energy investments protects the majority of fossil fuel investments in the EU. Trying to exit coal, gas and oil can lead to ISDS cases in front of corporate courts and make the energy transition unaffordable to the public. But social movements across Europe and beyond campaigning to end the ECT once and for all.

At the same time the EU still tries to conclude new free trade agreements. In particular scandalous is the EU-Mercosur trade agreement that serves corporate interests at the expense of planetary boundaries and animal welfare, and drives untenable social inequalities. Not only in Europe but also in South America resistance against the agreement is growing.

The forum on trade and corporate capture will discuss how the EU’s trade and investment policies benefit transnational corporations, limit our democracies and ability to stop the climate crisis.  We will also debate how social movements can fight the corporate driven agenda and achieve real alternatives.

picture Martin KonecnyMartin KonecnySeattle to Brussels Networkcountry flagAustria
picture Lucia BarcenaLucia BarcenaTransnational Institute (TNI) and activist against the Energy Charter Treatycountry flagNetherlands
picture Luciana GhiottoLuciana GhiottoAmérica Latina Mejor Sin TLCcountry flagArgentina
Nick DeardenNick DeardenGlobal Justice Nowcountry flagGreat Britain (UK)