Friday 14.00 - 16.00
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The big solutions we need for systems change and climate justice

Global warming and climate change are reaching a 'now or never' tipping point and the already inadequate targets of the 2015 Paris Agreement’s to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5°C cannot be met. We have seen 6 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Reports since 1990. Each Report outlined the global challenges, consequences and required international ‘solutions’ to mitigate global warming and meet targets. The facts are undeniable, and the 198 countries that negotiate under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change are failing to hit any of their targets for emission reductions. We are facing a 2.7C temperature rise on current climate plans and we know the limits of those plans. 

Different and competing solutions to the climate crisis and visions to build the path to Just Transitions have emerged and increasingly gained support over the last decades from social movements and progressive academic circles that are working with them. Many of the alternative and systems change solutions that has been developed and continually being debated and enriched talk about inclusive and sustainable development. They, also argue about the need to replace the rules of the global economy, end to capitalism, as well as principles and agenda based on social justice, shared prosperity, cooperation, and environmental sustainability. What are these alternatives and how can we ensure that they happen soon enough?

Our speakers will outline the solutions from their respective movements and the progressive circles.

picture Dorothy GuerreroDorothy GuerreroGlobal Justice Nowcountry flagPhilippines / UK
picture Dr. Ulrich BrandDr. Ulrich BrandUniversity of Vienna and Rosa Luxembourg Foundationcountry flagGermany
picture Simona FabianiSimona FabianiConfederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro
National Trade Union Confederation in Italy
country flagItaly
picture Asad RehmanAsad RehmanWar on Want
An anti-poverty charity
country flagGreat Britain (UK)
picture Esteban ServatEsteban ServatShale Must Fall and "Ende Gelände"country flagArgentina / Germany
picture Dr. Yuliya YurchenkoDr. Yuliya YurchenkoUniversity of Greenwich, Londoncountry flagUkraine / UK