Right-wing extremism

Friday 14.00 - 16.00
Audimax 2


International far-right movements - Analysis of the current situation and development of counter-strategies

An authoritarian-nationalist right is gaining strength worldwide. Fueled by electoral successes and even government participation, militant neo-fascists are taking to the streets. But everywhere there is also resistance against it. Trump, Putin, LePen, Bolsonaro, Orban, Modi and many others are expressions of an authoritarian turn of neoliberal capitalism, accompanied by antifeminism, nationalist great power fantasies, racism, conspiracy ideologies and other recycled elements of classic fascist ideologies. Social media are systematically flooded with fake news that mobilize street mobs. The (socially unequally distributed) dangers of climate change or pandemics are denied. Individuals are radicalized on the net to the point of committing mass murders, from Utøya to Halle and Hanau to Buffalo. Emancipatory movements are therefore not only in demand in the search for solidarity-based solutions to the current and socio-ecological crises, but at the same time in the fight against a renewed extreme right. In the forum we want to discuss the current situation, which anti-fascist strategies are promising and what this means concretely for the further practice of the social movements.

picture Bjørn IhlerBjørn IhlerThe Khalifa Ihler Institute & Chair of the IAC of GIFCTcountry flagNorway