Friday 16.30 - 18.30
Audimax 1


Democracy and Public Liberties

After the dark period of fascism in Europe, progressive movements have continuously fought for the expansion of democracy and civil liberties to advance their social, economic and cultural agendas. Then four decades of neoliberalism have hollowed out our societies, gradually replacing solidarity with competition of all against all and confidence in a better world with fear of being left out. In societies strongly characterised by individualism and fears, the relationship to democracy and freedom becomes problematic. Withdrawal into the private sphere, abstention from voting and the decline of milieus erode democracy. Fears of decline and cultural differences enable national-chauvinist forces to achieve electoral success and mobilise people against democracy. The question of democracy and human rights is thus burning. We want to discuss how democracy has developed and whether and how it can be saved or strengthened. Are there other forms of democratic participation and how helpful are they? How can we succeed in (re)involving the "marginalised" in the political process and make their democratic rights effective?
Prof. Dr. Andreas Fisahn