War & Peace

Saturday 14.00 - 16.00
Audimax 1


The war in Ukraine - background and alternatives on the way to peace

Although nobody can know, how the situation in Ukraine will be in August, it is clear that the war is already now a historic event which will shape for many years the political landscape in Europe and beyond. It will have consequences in many areas and constitutes new challenges for emancipatory social movements and civil society. New questions emerge, which need adequate answers.

The panel will try to contribute to that process.

picture Peter WahlPeter WahlAttac Germany
(Working Group on Globalization and War)
country flagGermany
picture Tarja CronbergTarja CronbergStockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)country flagFinland
picture Claude SerfatiClaude SerfatiUniversity of Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelinescountry flagFrance
picture Sara Medi JonesSara Medi JonesCampaigns Director Campaign for Nuclear Disarmamentcountry flagGreat Britain (UK)
picture Alexander BuzgalinAlexander BuzgalinLomonossow University Moscow, Member of the Organizing Committee of Russian Social Forumcountry flagRussia
picture Yurii SheliazhenkoYurii SheliazhenkoUniversity of Economics and Law Kiev, War Resisters' Internationalcountry flagUkaine